How our host’s sites have seen an increase in sales from featuring on our TV screens?

Signature Channel finds immense pleasure with the fact that dozens of our host’s sites got to enjoy a sky-rocketing increase in their sales by signing up for our exclusive digital signage systems. As evident from the demographics we have received, here is how we helped in boosting host’s sales:

Wholesome coverage:

Signature Channel is the pioneering digital signage platform covering the whole expanse of Canada. Within these regions, we successfully installed free TV screens for our hosts in major healthcare centers, Pharmacies, and busiest avenues as a result of which hundreds of people connected with the hosts resulting in a boost in sales.

Compelling content and engaging graphics:

Combined with our wholesome coverage is the benefit of our crisp material and smoothly transitioning graphic images. The audience get a chance to learn about life-saving tips and local updates whilst we play the advertisements to deliver strong business messages.

Best Cost-per-impression:

Signature Channel is among the few innovative digital signage channels which offer excellent cost-per-impression which works in the benefit of our host’s sites.

Annual Revenue:

We offer a good portion of the annual revenue generated from our advertisement campaigns to our hosts. That means our hosts get a free TV screen, an all-encompassing advertisement team and an annual check!